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Online Bedroom Design

Bedroom decorating online
Bedroom decorating online

   Bedrooms - a place in the house where you do not often visit strangers. Here hosts shed the burden of daily worries and get a new charge for the next day. That's because the design bedrooms  should be soothing, calm breathing and configure on a serene mood.


   Our professional designers will create your order online interior design of your bedroom in any style.


Design style bedrooms

1. Classic - classic interiors fit most calm and conservative people , held in life, do not change the interior of the sake of fashion . Bedroom interior, decorated in classic style - this room right shape , light emitting peace and sustainable family comfort . Classic bedroom design is not overloaded with details , discreet . Colours - white furniture combined with gold and pastel colors of upholstery and walls, furniture or the color of natural wood with a bronze finish and blue-green or pastel shades textile upholstery , curtains . To create this classic style in the interior of a bedroom need to follow certain rules regarding the elements of the room.


2. Bedroom country - are so-called rustic style. Today there are many areas in this style - English, Scandinavian, French, Russian. This style features rustic furniture, curtains, rugs and blankets from patches, wicker chairs, dry flower arrangement, painting scenes of rural life, still lives in simple wooden frames. In furniture and bedroom curtains country uses only natural materials - wood and stone.


3. Ethno. This style involves the use of national color characteristic traditions of a particular culture. The most common and popular examples of living conditions in the ethnic style can be: Japanese ethno safari east.


4. Bedroom in eco style. In this style of important natural colors and natural materials. Eco-style - a design created by nature. Bedroom in eco-style should be light and spacious, decorated in warm and soothing tones. You will be pleased to be in the interior mentally and physically.


5. Bedroom hi-tech (from high technology - high tech). Bedroom interior in the style of hi-tech based on a combination of space and light. Constitute the basis for this style black, gray, white color, to which you can add other pure shades: red, blue, green, yellow. Main bedroom design for high-tech style: clean and shiny surface of the walls, ceiling, floor, window frames. Feature things in hi-tech style with an elegant simplicity and clarity. This style is suitable for people who lead an active life and love the simplicity and functionality of things.


6. Biedermeier. Design for bedroom in a style characterized by practicality, convenience, quality and durability. It is appropriate combination of matt and shiny fabrics, velvet and satin. Biedermeier-style bedroom furniture does not require luxury, too expensive decor and textiles. In this style of needlework welcome and necessary to have houseplants.


7. Bedroom in minimal style. This style is perfect for those who are tired of the abundance of color and excitement, such as at work. Colors of the interior is usually gray-black-and-white with the possibility of adding a bright hue. Number of items in this style is minimal, but they perform all the necessary functions for a comfortable stay.


8. Bedroom Art Deco - light and delicate. Art Deco several theatrical and optimistic. Color bedroom art-déco orange, blue, pale green, purple. In this design the bedroom you can enter individual bright objects, encouraged bright and expressive accessories. The bed should be large and comfortable. In the interior of the bedroom art Dacko can be combined oriental motifs, elements of antiquity, completely different materials together with new masterpieces of art in the first half of the twentieth century. For the interior in this style is characterized by mixed lines and clarity.


9. Bedroom Baroque should have a large area. It is characterized by pretentiousness, elegance, lightheadedness. Colours design bedrooms harmonious, but diverse. Welcome large gilded ornaments, paintings with lush floral motifs.

10. Vintage - bedroom in bright colors, interesting patterns, vintage Furniture and accessories. In the interior of a bedroom and skillfully combines modern and old pieces. Basic materials - forged metal, wood, textiles "antique".

11. Modern. Bedroom characteristic finesse, flowing wavy lines, plastic form. In her away from sharp edges and lines, using modern materials and natural, combining glass and wood, plastic and stone. The color palette is no restriction. The main thing that it was performed in the same direction.

12. Provence. For the design of bedrooms in this style is characterized by pastel range with colorful accents, coarse texture . Furniture is usually rectangular, down to earth: blue and white, white and yellow chests of drawers. For the interior is not typical contrast. Interior design bedrooms in Provence style uses natural materials, fabrics usually calico, satin, batiste. The bed must be carved legs and back.


 "Kiev Design Online" offers you with your own designer, working exactly on your bedroom design online. By just sending in a few photos and some measurements and simple information, we'll give you a design plan that matches your space, budge and style.


Contact us at and we will answer all your questions.

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