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Living Room Design Ideas

Living room decorating online
Living room decorating



   Living room — Living room interior design.


   The living room, also known as the lounge room or front room, is the largest and most frequented space in a house. It is where we entertain guests and spend most of our time, and therefore it is also the most expensive room to decorate. The interior design of this room involves spending money on furniture, carpets, and draperies, as well as various devices such as TVs and audio equipment. It's essential to have a beautiful living room that can remain stylish for a long time. 


   Carpets with ornaments, in comparison with single-color carpets, are less subject to damage if something is spilt on them. Although, carpets of very dark shades are difficult to keep clean as well as bright ones. Carpet for a living room may be handmade.


   Curtains, draperies give a great opportunity to change room aura. In the day time they may be moved aside or lifted and hardly play any role in general interior – and in the evening they may become the entire stream of color or ornamental wall that will completely change color palette. 

   Window blinds are also useful – they will shut window look from the living room and at the same time they will let daylight in the room in the extant so that the furniture covering does not fade.


   The basic interior feature for a living room is a couch, model and color of which shall be selected depending on style. Having a habit to recline, You may choose reclining arm-chair and a couch with armrests. Covering of the seating furniture may be done both of fabric and of leather, with stuffing of natural (horse hair, down feather, latex) or synthetic materials (foam and polyurethane). Group of seating furniture may be placed, for example, in from of chimney – symbol of family heart. Chimney is also items of décor, both genuine lined with natural stones and just prettily decorative. Around it shall be placed, common for most people, another interior including complex of couch and armchair.    


   Do not place furniture along the wall line – it is old-fashioned solution. By enough free space try to experiment with furniture variations. Today the version of creation small communication island is of a great popularity and as an addition to all these serves a small table. It is important to select appropriate original design: wood, glass, different constructions, mosaic, marble or granite – choice is great.      


   Rich elements of the décor become original supports, cabinets, stands and other furniture for facilities and TV. Lots of furniture items in living room, oftener small, are equipped with wheels and rollers. “Mobile” furniture is very fashionable and comfortable as it is easy to move it from place to place. It may be multi-functional sidewalls and shelf stands consisted of several sections; glass-cases, buffets, cupboards, commodes and cabinets for storing souvenirs, dishes and flatware; book cases, wall shelves of various purpose, etc. 


What style must be in a living room?


   Living room style may be of different types – from classics and up to minimalism notably that in this part of your house can take place the most  trailblazing experiments with style combinations. The most popular version is strict classical style in the living room that sets festive, majestic mood in a whole apartment. It suggests natural oak parquet, classical shades: soft blue walls with white profiles never better harmonize with ceiling molding, at the same time without letting massive furniture and heavy draperies on windows suppress general style of the whole interior. Besides this approach to living room stylization may be used another forms that creates holiday atmosphere, sunny summer or cheer carnival.     


   In some collections adjoin couches in country style, wooden buffets, and tables with forged legs and at the same time some armchair or shelf-stand of the most contemporary configuration. Surely, the important question is the comfort, that’s why furniture shall be quality, furniture amenably takes body form, and originality of its design does not derogate the owner from right to comfort rest. It is optimal choice for a living room. One more sure option – “progressive” stylistics and universality philosophy is embodied in living room design.

Modern living room interior design by Kiev Design Online Studio
Mediterranean living room design
Family room interior design by Kiev Design Online Studio

   Over recent years by design creation complementary contrast of old and new is used. Sometimes general decoration performed in classical style (falling draperies, chairs in retro style, elegant cut-glass chandelier, curtain-rod with molding, decoration of walls with wallpapers of various textures) effectually neighbor to contemporary equipment and electronics. Consequently, classical style and modern comfort cross in one premise. By the way, such approach to decoration of a main living premise may serve as the basic motive for decoration of other rooms in a house or apartment. Scandinavian style will soundly match a small living room.   


How to select colors for a living room?


   Choosing a color for the living room can be a daunting task, but with a few guidelines, you can create a space that is both inviting and stylish. The first thing to consider when selecting a color is the size of the room. If you have a small living room, it's best to choose lighter colors such as pastels, whites, or light shades of gray. These colors can create an illusion of a larger space and make the room feel more open and airy. On the other hand, if you have a large living room, you can use darker shades of color such as navy blue or burgundy to add depth and coziness to space.

Another important factor to consider is the amount of natural light the room receives. If the living room gets a lot of natural light, you can experiment with bold and bright colors like red or yellow. However, if the room has limited natural light, you may want to stick with lighter colors that will help reflect the light and make the space feel brighter. You can also add artificial lighting such as lamps or overhead lighting to brighten up the room.

Finally, you should think about your personal style and the overall aesthetic of your home. Do you prefer a minimalist look or do you like bold and eclectic decor? If you have a minimalist style, you may want to stick with neutral shades such as beige or gray. On the other hand, if you like a bold and eclectic look, you can experiment with brighter colors and even mix and match different patterns and textures. Ultimately, the color you choose should reflect your personal style and make you feel comfortable and happy in your space.


Illumination in a living room


   Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and welcoming living room ambiance. While a big chandelier on the ceiling can provide basic illumination and a festive feel, it is important to incorporate various light fixtures such as standing lamps, table lamps, or wall sconces to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in different parts of the living room. Ceiling illumination should be bright enough to create a festive atmosphere in the living room, while side illuminators can help to create a sense of intimacy and warmth.

  One of the best ways to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere in a living room is by maximizing natural light. Large windows with semi-transparent draperies can let in plenty of natural light, which can be complemented with artificial lighting sources like halogen lamps. The use of suspended ceilings with halogen lamps mounted at different levels can create a dynamic and relaxing atmosphere in the living room. However, it is important to note that drywall ceilings can also play a secondary role in providing a cohesive and attractive overall design.

  To further enhance the ambiance in a living room, consider incorporating dimmer switches for the lighting fixtures. This can help to adjust the lighting according to different moods and occasions, from a bright and lively atmosphere during a party to a relaxed and cozy atmosphere during a movie night. Additionally, using accent lighting to highlight certain features in the living room such as artwork or architectural elements can add depth and interest to the space.


Materials for furniture in a living room

   The range of materials used in the production of living room furniture is vast and diverse. Manufacturers use modern materials such as CB, MDF boards with reliable covers of natural veneer and polymers, laminated materials, and melamine to make case furniture for living rooms and other spaces. MDF is considered to be the most robust and ecologically friendly material. Tempered glass is commonly used for tabletops, doors, and glass window shelves, as it can withstand not only great weight but also impacts.

   Natural wood is the most expensive material for living room furniture, although veneer is more commonly used than solid wood. Seating furniture covers can be made from a variety of materials, including natural or synthetic fabrics and leather. Natural materials like horsehair, down feathers, and latex, as well as synthetic analogues like foam and polyurethane, can also be used for seating furniture covers. Metal is also becoming a popular furniture material, with frames of shelf-stands, tables, chair supports, and other pieces being made of chrome-plated steel, mated steel, and aluminum.

   Apart from the furnishings and interior design, the harmony and individuality of solutions also play a crucial role in creating a pleasant living room environment. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the unique characteristics and preferences of the occupants when choosing furniture materials and designs. Additionally, using sustainable and eco-friendly materials can enhance the overall feel-good factor of the living space. Lastly, investing in quality furniture made from durable materials can lead to long-term cost savings and make the living room a comfortable and welcoming place for years to come.


       Our professional designers will create your order online interior design of your Living room in any style.       

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