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Online Interior Design Services
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Full Design package

   Full design package incledes all services we provide in interior design. 
This package includes 4 options of initial replanning (if required), and 3 options of furniture plan for your choise.

   Project execution period is 10-15 office days (depending on the scope of works).

   Dressing rooms and walk-in closets are not subject for 3D visualization.

   We send drawings (in pdf) and photorealistic images (jpeg) to Customer’s e-mail.
  Items specified in the Shopping List should be bought immediately after receiving the Final Design package. We give a week guaranty for out-of-sale items and replace them for free. We recommend to hurry with your purchase because sometimes items are sold out very quick. 


   Contact us at to discuss your specific needs.


What is included in the Full Design package?


1. Demolition Plan

2. Floor Plan

3. Furniture Plan

4. Paint Color Palette

5. Floor/Wall Finish Plan

6. Interior Elevations

7. Reflected Ceiling Plan

8. Power and Communication Plan

9. Sockets Plan

10. All necessary sections

11. Interior details

12. 3D Visualization (photorealistic highly detailed pictures)

14. Shopping List (specific furniture, with price, where to buy, specifications, etc.)


Сost: $1.9 per square foot or 18$\m2 ( minimum $150  for one room)
The particular price for your project should be quoted.


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online interior design services
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