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How we work

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 Interior Design Service Online


Step 1:

    In the first letter you shall send us all the information required for our work performance, such as: floor plans, elevations (if you don’t have ready-made plans, then draw a scheme by hand and state dimensions ) and photos of your rooms.  And, of course, express your desires for design of the future interior (style, functionality, budget limit and such like). As well, mention the level of our services to be provided (Full package, Standard package or other). If you have photos with ideas you would like to be used in your interior, send them too.
  The information provided this way will stand for a standard visit of a designer, which saves your time and money. After receiving it we will be able to tell you the price and time of work performance.


We’ll be waiting from you as follows:


  • the completed questionnaire

  • floor plans and elevations (in case they are not available, just handwrite and dimension them)

  • photos of each rooms (from 8 angles - straight on & corners)

  • in case you found in Internet any interior pictures, images or ideas you’d like to use, send them also.



Step 2:

   Following we’ve got all the data required from you, we make for you three options of your interior’s functional zoning, we estimate the cost of our work and send it. You choose one of three options, make payment (50%) and we start to work.

Step 3:

   We creates an initial concept board for your feedback, changes and approval


Step 4:

   Within one or two weeks from your approval letter, we create the final design package and send it to you in electronic form. And you pay the remaining 50%.


Step 5:

   With your design plans, 3D vizualizations and shopping list in hand -- you are now having everything you need to make your dream interior a reality!




   You can pay for our services via Western Union, MoneyGram, Xoom, Scrill or SWIFT transaction. Unfortunately, PayPal functions for residents of Ukraine are limited to outgoing payments only.
  For business customers in the United States have the possibility to make payment via U.S. payment service at Bank of America.


ELEVATIONS are a non-perspective view of the room. Interior Elevations are like sections in that they show all of the heights inside the house (windows, doors, niches, details, etc.).



If you have any questions please contact us by phone: 011-38-093-9065888

or via email:

Step 1. If you do not have the floor plans of your rooms, draw by hand and dimension. We will let you know what to measure and how to do it so that your measurements would be accurate.

Step 2. We will send you three options of functional zoning of your room. Some cases have only one correct functional zoning and arrangement of furniture.

Step 3. We create an initial concept.

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Step 4. We take notes of your comments and create the final version of the design.


How to measure a room in 16 minutes.


1. How to measure room and what does it need for?
  • geometry check. Often happens that angles in the premise are not of 90 degrees, the walls are not vertical, floors are not horizontal. If the built-in furniture is ordered, i.e. it might not fit a planned place or there will be space between a wall and furniture denoting inequality.

  • for cost sheet arrangement.

  • calculate and, accordingly, buy required quantity of materials

  • calculations for work done, volume check

  • pre-calculation of scope of works


2. What do you need to make measurements?


To make measurements of a premise you need the following measuring tools:

  • measuring tool: tape measure with width of 20-25 mm and length 7,5 — 10 meters or electronic measuring device.

  • 3 sheets of paper, format А4 or just common graph paper.

  • pencil, pen.

  • assistant, it is more comfortable and joyfully when together.


3. How to measure a room in 15 minutes with 95% accuracy.

This method is suitable for following cases.

  • If small variance percentage is not important for you.

  • For approximate check of scope of works by performers.

  • For calculation, purchase and material use check.

  • For ordinary cosmetic repairs.

  • If you absolutely have no time and you fully trust the repair team, but the monitoring of money spent is needed, spend just 16 minutes for measurements of the premise and everything will be okay.


So then, step-by-step algorithm for measuring a room in 16 minutes with accuracy up to 95% is as follows.


Step 1. How to measure a room, creative process.


   On the first sheet we draw a plan of the premise. For this purpose we shall pass along the baseboard and sketch manually the same configuration including ledges, batters, approximately meeting proportions. As a rule, it is necessary to take a note of the side with a window or balcony block. Then we number each side on the plan with 1,2,3,4 clockwise from the premises’ entrance.


On the 2nd sheet we draw walls No. 1,3,4 where everything is simple and they look like rectangle. Several of them may be fitted in one sheet, so there would be two walls on each sheet.


On the 3rd sheet we draw wall No. 2 of complicate configuration, in my case with a window block, where numerous measures are expected.


As a result 5 minutes only was spent. Beauty is not needed here, but everything shall be clear and visible.


Step 2.  How to measure a room, measurements.


Try to make measurements in 1-1,5m of the floor; tape measure shall be carried horizontally to the floor or perpendicular to it depending on what we measure, length and height.

     1. Measure the wall No. 1 with a doorframe. We need the following dimensions: length, height,     space  from wall corner to doorframe (attachment). Doorframe dimensions. Casing width, plate length, if single-type will be installed.


















    2. Measuring of wall No. 2


  • width

  • height

  • doorframe dimensions, separately windows and doors.

  • slopes' width

  • beam depth over a balcony block

  • length, width, windowsill thickness

  • all ledges and batters along the baseboard and their length

  • diameter of hitting tube and it length

  • convector dimensions

  • space between a convector and windowsill, and between convector and floor.

  • sill height.






















3. Measuring of walls No. 3 and No. 4. Principle remains the same. If complicated configuration, then you need to draw on the separate sheet.























11 minutes more and the measurement plan is finished, it will be suitable for ordinary cosmetic repairs. For capital repairs thorough examination is required.


Now You know, how to measure a room in 16 minutes before starting repairs and make all required measures that further will bring only benefit.

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