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Kitchen interior, kitchen layout

   Kitchen interior planning independently of whether it is located in an appartment or a private house is the subject of particular importance. There are two reasons here: firstly, compared to all other rooms and house premises the kitchen is considered to be a work zone, small work-shop for food cooking with its own equipment and technological chain. Secondly, in most cases the kitchen is the place where at breakfast or dinner gather all family members. In other words kitchen is the place of communication. Finally, in the kitchen the lady spends lion's share of her spare time from the primary work. That’s why special attention and quite time should be paid to  the design of kitchen interior.


Kitchen layout and interior

   In view of foregoing, the kitchen furnishing and interior should be comfortable and functional independently of how lucky you are with space. You can dispute about tastes and styles of kitchen interior, select high-tech, classic or traditional style. It is, all in all, a matter of taste, and interior harmonization and kitchen functional zones should be performed according to the rules as quantity of time spent on food cooking depend thereupon, as well as number, figuratively speaking, of spare moves, ineffective actions that impact on lady’s fatigability.


   Kitchen floorspace is one of the most important characteristics of planning and interior solution of the apartment. Although, widespread opinion – greater kitchen floorspace is the better it is - indeed is not so indisputable fact. Of course, a cramped kitchen with floorspace of 6-7 m2 is hardly a gift for the mistress. However, kitchen of stadium size does not any sense as well.        

As long as an apartment is concerned, optimal may be considered kitchen floorspace of which is within 8 to 14 m2. Otherwise, enlargement of kitchen working zone may lead to excessive running from one zone to another leading to energy and time loss.  


   In general, independently of space all kitchen working zones shall be located compact, however taking into account anthropometric data of the person who have to spend in the kitchen more time than the others family members. It is about that basic working zones in the kitchen, in particular, cook-top, preparation table, refrigerator, cases for dishes and main products must be on the arm’s length. In addition, worktops (washer, worktop) must be on the same level. As a rule, height of the worktop is within 75 to 90 cm. Worktop level drops are not ghastly but undesirable.


   Breaks of kitchen worktops are also undesirable, as these areas drop out of the technological process. If the kitchen is big enough, it may be conditionally divided into several zones, for example, work zone, meal zone and passage zone. Preparation table though must be located in such a way that mistress keeps in view cook-top of the stove while working with products.  


   Natural light source (window) ideally shall be located on left not to let the shadow from hands fall on the table (anyhow, the window shall be placed behind cook’s back).  Apart from that there may be several rational models for kitchen layout. They all have the right to exist. As for the anthropometric data, they all fit in appropriate standards accepted by different design-bureaus.  


   For example, space between the floor and worktop is within 75-89 cm. height of the kitchen furniture basement part is 75-200 cm. Worktop width – 55-70 cm. Depth of wall hanging cupboards – 30-45 cm. Space between worktop and wall hanging cupboards – 50-70 cm.  However, these and other standards are not entirely obligatory and may be changed by customer’s decision. 


Kitchen layout models

  Conditionally there are specified several types of kitchen layouts, in particular:

- single-line;
- corner;
- double-line;
- U-shaped;
- insular;
- peninsular.

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Kitchen interior design online
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   There are other layout versions, for instance, ring-shaped arrangement of the furniture in the kitchen. However, as the practice showed, such kitchen layouts are not functional.  

   Designers practicing kitchen interior have such notion as working triangle. Hereunder is meant cross of two work surfaces in rectangle premise. Yet, such solution is sometimes impossible. For example, in small kitchens prevails single-line arrangement of furniture as there is no place for another one. By such option the wall opposite to worktop remains free leaving place for a passage.  


   Double-line option of furniture arrangement is used in cases when kitchen premise has extremely prolonged proportions or in case when the kitchen is a passing premise where entrance and exit are located on one line. In most cases it is forced solution as well. However, for such solution sufficient width of the premise of at least 2,5 m is required. As a rule, in such cases there must be installed stove and washer on the one side and refrigerator and cases for foodstuff on the other.     


   More rational shall be considered corner kitchen interior layout, but for its implementation sufficient space of at least 8 meters is required. The premise itself must have form of a slightly prolonged rectangle, close in proportions to the quadrate. By this solution exactly forms working triangle, in the centre of which at customer’s wish may be places stove or washer, and on both sides - worktop or refrigerator accordingly. By corner kitchen layout, firstly, good view is assured, secondly, there is a possibility to divide kitchen into working zone and meal zone. On the opposite side form the washer you may place kitchen corner set or a dining table.      

   Kitchen layout in U-shaped form is the next step of corner layout. It is clear that in such version all kitchen furniture is arranged along the perimeter forming continuous worktop the part of which may be a dining table as well. Such solution allows at most increase cases’ volume and kitchen drawers for storing of different appliances especially when the kitchen is equipped with the second layer of wall hanging cupboards. However, rationality of U-shaped layout is disputable, as in this case there is no free access to the window placed usually in front of a door in our houses. This contradicts Feng Shui and, and moreover, visually decreases premises’ space. Truly speaking by large kitchen sized (from 12m2) such layout allows detach a part of the kitchen for dining zone. As a result the necessity in dining room is dropped off. 


   If the kitchen is too big you may implement insular or peninsular layout model, when working zone with a washer, stove and preparation table form joint integrated island in the centre of the premise. All other accessories: refrigerator, dining table or let’s say bar counter, are arranged along the perimeter. By island layout there may be mounted additional, local illumination, decorative range hood over the working zone. In some cases an island may be performed mobile, i.e. rotate to appropriate angle. In peninsular version specific part of the worktop is carried out in centre of the premise without detaching from continuous, peripheral worktop. This enables the mistress to step to working zone from all sides. As a rule such functional  carrying-out automatically divides a kitchen into two zone of different purpose. Still for implementation of such layout experiments space at least 16 m is required. 


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