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Minimum 1 Design package (3D Sketch)


   In case you wish to imagine your apartment or country house according to your dreams and demands, spending minimum money for the project, use this option. This kind of project is  a conceptual one. It’s rather an offer for you from our design studio in case you can hardly imagine the way your apartment, office or country house should look like. In case your don’t know what style would be better to design them, the cheapest way to present style, color content of your premises is 3D Sketch Design package. It can also become the perfect base in case you are satisfied with interior design concept and need further develop more detailed drawings for construction activities.

   This package includes 2 kinds of initial replanning (if required), and 3 types of furniture arrangement.

   Project execution period is 10-15 office days (depending on the scope of works). During the first week we’ll prepare for you the options of your interior and will send them to you to choose from. Following your comments we’ll make final visualization of your room in the course of the second week.

   This design type provides for designer’s independent selection of furniture and other interior items as an advise for the Customer.

   Dressing rooms and walk-in closets are not subject to visualization.

   We send drawings (in pdf) and photorealistic images (jpeg) to Customer’s e-mail.


   Contact us at to discuss your specific needs.


   What is included in the Minimum 1 Design package?


1. Photorealistic 3D Visualization.

2. Demolition Plan

3. Floor Plan

4. Furniture Plan

5. Paint Color Palette


Сost: FROM $150 per room. ($150 - small bedroom or similar)

The particular price for your project has to be quoted.

3D Sketch Interior Design Online
Bedroom interior design in Provance style
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