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Bathroom Interior Design Services Online

Bathroom Interior Design

   In the most important to set the mood moments: in the morning before work and at night before going to sleep, we usually visit bathroom. Thinking about the design of the bathroom, we conclude that the bathroom foremost should be fashionable and beautiful, comfortable and practical to use and, above all, whatever it is, should not deteriorate from moisture and steam, which are indispensable components of this room. I.e. the furniture of the bathroom should be beautiful, and practical, and durable. But how we should combine it, fulfill fantasies and fit in sometimes too finite space of our bathrooms.


   Therefore, when planning bathroom design, first, try to determine what you would like to receive as a result. With full confidence we can say that the first thing you will not be interested in is sanitary facilities, but the style of your room: richly-front, in the spirit of the times "Sun King" Louis XIV, or a soft-intimate, and perhaps your bathroom will remind the "Garden of Eden"? Everything depends on your attitude and taste.


   Choosing place for the bathroom and its internal layout is usually caused by certain rules and logic. In usual apartments the bathroom is usually located next to the kitchen or bedroom. Today we can find two or three bathrooms in many homes, - it all depends on the number of rooms and the number of living people. Of course, the best option is several bathrooms. If the layout does not allow multiple bathrooms or some of its elements, it is necessary to try to make sure that only one bathroom in your apartment is connected to all areas: with kitchen and a bedroom, and a living room. Then you will not feel uncomfortable if you stop in the house guests. In the most difficult cases, it is possible to equip a bathroom with two or three doors: for example, in the living room and the bedroom.


   Recently, a number of manufacturers of sanitary ware is engaged in manufacturing and supply of equipment for small bathrooms toilets. Such decisions were due to several concepts. Some propose to merge the bath and shower, put a shower cubicle as special partition, others prefer to increase the space by placing the sink ledge in the wall. But the most popular way to increase the total area of ​​the bathroom is considered its combination with a toilet, which, however, can also create problems for all family members.


Bathroom color


   A wide variety of finishing materials - tiles, molten glass, marble, wood, baked clay, and more - and truly a widest breadth of plumbing and accessories provide ample design possibilities and allow you to create really comfortable bathrooms. The only thing that should be followed when designing the bathroom arrangement - is the stylistic concept of the interior apartments as a whole or, at least, one area in which the bathroom is located. However, if you like contrasting changes and bright "flash" color on one-color decor background, restrictions are impossible.


   As for the color of the bathroom, everyone is trying to find an individual solution. One of the starting points of the bathroom, the room interior design is planned to serve as a color scale, since it is designed to create a visual mood and decrease or increase the space of the room. For example, if you want to extend it, paint the wall opposite the entrance in light paint with a gray tint - visual wall will postpone. The same "trick" may be applied to the ceiling and wood panels. To reduce, increase or "cut" the space you can use the position of the border tiles in bright contrasting colors in the desired direction.


   If the area of ​​the bathroom is not too large, it is necessary to use light unsaturated colors - it will add room and open air. Decorating with different colors visually reduce the large space, making it more comfortable. Deep bright colors such as beige, pink, scarlet, lemon, copper or mahogany tint are ideal to create a muted island to relax in tranquil surroundings. Cream, peach, silver, sky blue, and all the colors and shades of the early, filled with freshness and morning light will fill the room with joy the beginning of a new day.


Determine how meaningful to you and your household the bathroom is.

Modern bathroom interior design
Mediterranean bathroom interior design
bathroom interior design online

   Recently, it becomes not just a place for hygiene: here we relax, we can to be alone with out thoughts for some time, put ourselves in order, and even rest from the unnerve hustle and bustle of folks. According to most designers, the bathroom should be one of the most illuminated places in the apartment. You should be able to see yourself well, preparing for the working day or going to bed. The lightning should be selected under these two conditions.


   Getting to the selection of lamps, we should not forget that this space is significantly different from other rooms in the apartment: constant heat and high humidity sometimes create such "subtropics", that not every lighting can "survive" in such situation. So first of all pay attention to the lights, which carry a direct hit of water, i.e. water resistant, not afraid of thermal discontinuity, and rusting resistant. Pay attention to the instructions,  the manufacturer always indicate a two-digit number, where the first digit represents the dustproof, and the second - moisture resistance. The higher the number, the greater the degree of protection. For the bathroom the second number is an important indicator: it should not be less than 4.


   To feel comfortable in the bathroom and create it in a good mood, the lighting must be maintained at 75 lux. This means that for rooms 2 sq.m.  the 75-watt light bulbs are enough, and for 6 sq. m - 150 watt and so on.


Bathroom lighting


   You also need to think carefully about the location of the lamps, that the spray of water do not reach them, and in addition, to avoid being burned on the hot lamp or lampshade. You also need to install circuit to the places of light sources.


In the bathroom, it is desirable have two types of light:


- general;


- local, i.e. localized - near the mirror and the sink.


   For each illumination tool it is desirable to have a switch on. Most safety switches are in the form of a cord. If you want to have a switch with voltage regulator, ask an electrician to put it on the outside wall of your bathroom. To do this, use the lamps in illumination tools with the nonconductive material body: glass, porcelain, plastics. General light - tools like chandeliers and lampshades - loses, if it is not supplemented with any other light. As the shadows may appear from the top light, you should use side lights.


Bathroom luminance


   You can also choose from a fairly large range of mobile lighting fixtures that can be rotated, directing light in different directions, even change its color and intensity. On both sides of the mirror, a few lights with the light-scattering are installed, they illuminate well and do not blare eyes. Pay attention to a typical mistake: if the light near the mirror is directed from the top down, it will emphasize wrinkles, but if the bottom up - will create shadows on the face.


   If the bathroom has a window, the general lighting may not be necessary. But if the bathroom, as is the case of typical houses, has no natural light source, the general lighting should be.


   It is strange that the houseplants are rare to keep in bathrooms. However, for example, warm bathroom with a large matte window is probably the best place in the house for keeping beautiful plants, native to humid places. It is more difficult to find plants for small, non-heated bathroom with a small matte window.


   Plants should be placed on the floor. If there is no suitable place, you can put the pot on the windowsill or in pots, secured to the wall. Sometimes it is recommended to hang over the bath a basket, as the pan for it (maybe a little largish) is already there! The bath sides are usually too narrow for potted plants such untrusted places, especially if children are present,  are better to be avoided. Large, well-lit bathroom turns into a paradise, if it has central heating. In this case, it becomes the best place in the house for growing vibrant exotic plants - anthurium, calathea, caladium, arrowroot.

One of the most traditional and familiar materials for finishing the bathroom, without a doubt, are the tiles. On the market of building and finishing materials it is offered of different quality and texture (glazed and non-glazed), as well as simulating tuff, brick, marble. One of the most fashionable and original solutions is the use of the bathroom tile panels with different patterns.


   The ideal material for the bath, of course, is marble. Due to its natural pleochromatism, a large number of varieties and original designs on each piece, as well as a good compatibility with other materials, the designer has the unlimited possibilities of its use. Washbasins with marble counter tops are popular today and are widely available on the market.


Finishing materials for the bathroom


   The wood trim is in great demand among fans of interior of the middle XIX century. You can use different kinds of wood (oak, teak, pine, cherry, mahogany), but be sure to check whether the surface of wood covered with a special waterproof varnish. Unfortunately, the service life of such materials is limited: three to five years.


   Bathroom furniture is available as a classic version and in the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, with the help of which you can always create something unique.


   The classic style seems to come from the royal apartments. The basis of modern classic furniture - polyurethane: a practical material for all its characteristics superior to ordinary plastic and thus well carrying high humidity. Elegant furnishings emphasize the glass doors, handmade accessories and elegant halogen lamps.


Furniture and bathroom accessories


   Collection of furniture in the spirit of Art Nouveau are featured with a large number of mirrors and lighting fixtures of original forms, inherent in this style. As a rule, MDF and all the same polyurethane is used to manufacture it, but to finish - the wood lining is used.


   Modern furniture style bathroom requires a glass or mirrored doors near cabinets, decorated with metal, wood or colored plastic. These models differ with rationality and ease, they are quite decorative and practical and also have a very wide color range.


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