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Online Architectural Design Services & CAD Drafting Services

   Quality design. Honest service. Great value.


   "Kyiv Design Online Studio" offers you services in single family houses and villas design. You can get country house design staying in the comfort of your home or office. Domiciled in European countries or North America, you can save substantially ordering your house draft or design with us. The experience of remote design we have proves that nowadays even long distances do not influence countryside house design development. Online design is done same way as usual one, but communication is done through Skype, Facebook or e-mail. We can make either unique house design for you or adapt the design you like for your land plot.

   Custom-made house design covers customer’s taste, ideas, and demands, and makes it possible to construct the house of your dream. Furthermore, your house will be unique and dissimilar to the others. Asking us for assistance you’ll get the possibility to realize your ideas from green field. We’ll help your to build an ideal place for living.
  All the drawings are done following your country’s construction codes and building regulations and using conventional measuring units.


   Our command of architects offers the services in designing of private houses.


   The individual 3D sketch of  buildings, additions, and outdoor space, at the price  from $1  per square foot.
Exterior design services include:

1. Site Plan

2. Floor Plan

3. Exterior Elevations

4. Sections through the entire building

5. Roof Plan

6. Foundation Plan

7. The explanatory note

8. Photorealistic 3D Visualization



- Cabinet / Built-In Elevations Plan

- Electrical Plan


We also provide Landscape Design services including: Master plan, 3D Visualization of the landscape, detailed drawings of garden improvements and  Shopping list.

Our professional Landscape Architects and Designers are key to our creative solutions. We can assist you not only with garden design, but also with design and layout of hardscapes (driveway, sidewalks, swimming pool, deck, etc.) so that all the elements of your project merge into one complete thought.

CAD Drafting: architectural drafting is available as a stand-alone service.



Summer House exterior project
VRAY - concept-2-1-NEW-15-1500 KD.jpg
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